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Highlighted recent publications from the

  Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Laboratory  


  • Mesophotic communities are not immune from coral bleaching, are in danger, and are degrading in the Red Sea.

  • Heat accumulation at mesophotic depths is almost twofold higher than on adjacent shallow reefs.

  • Bleaching events affect the deep-specialist coral populations, with ~50% coral community mortality at 60 m depth.

  • The deeper benthic community lost framework builders may result in lower complexity, fewer niches, and loss of biodiversity.

  • Experimental evidence suggests that deep-specialist corals are less tolerant of heat stress and bleach more readily.

 Mesophotic Ecosystems: The Link between Shallow and Deep-Sea Habitats 


  • Mesophotic ecosystems (MEs) are characterized by the presence of light-dependent organisms, found at depths ranging from ~30 to 150 m in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions.

  • Mesophotic communities occasionally create massive reef structures with diverse but characteristic morphologies, which serve as the framework builders of those ecosystems.

  • MEs are physically linked with shallow and deep-sea habitats, and while taxa from both environments share this space, unique and endemic biodiversity is also found. 


  • Light relationships alone are sufficient to capture major ecological features across coral reef depth gradients.

  • Predicting the depths of reef zones in unusual light environments suggests that shallow-water turbid reefs should be considered as mesophotic coral ecosystems.

  • Use our App to identify your mesophotic zone boundaries: Light-Driven Model

  • See also other publications: Tamir et al. 2019; Pérez-Castro et al. 2022


  • Fluorescence is highly prevalent in reef-building corals, nevertheless, its biological role is still under ongoing debate.

  • We show that plankton exhibits preferential swimming towards green fluorescent cues and that compared to other morphs, higher predation rates are recorded in a green fluorescing morph of mesophotic corals.

  • See also other publications: Eyal et al. 2015; Ben-Zvi et al. 2015; Ben-Zvi et al. 2021

Full Publication List

Research publications (peer-reviewed):

  1. Grinham A, et al. (2024) Short and long-term impacts of a major flood on fine sediment and nitrogen loading to a large coastal embayment. Science of the Total Environment 918:170646. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2024.170646

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Review & editorial publications (peer-reviewed):

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Book chapters (peer-reviewed):

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